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Four Steps To Optimal Care Of Your Energy

Posted on | February 24, 2011 | 4 Comments

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crowd Four Steps To Optimal Care Of Your EnergyDo you ever find your energy dropping when you’re around certain people?

Do you feel depleted by crowds?

Do you sometimes inexplicably feel your mood go from good to bad when you’re in a public place?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be letting others trespass into your energy.  If you do something about it, you’ll find it makes a big difference in how good you feel and how effective you are in creating things you desire.

Empathy Overflow

I started noticing how different I was from most of my friends when I was in college.  While my friends loved going to big parties and sporting events, I dreaded them.  Of course I went … because no matter how much we try to stand out when we’re eighteen years old, in our hearts, we want to fit in.  But after every party or football game, I was wiped out.  I felt wrung out, and often, I felt a heavy despair I hadn’t felt before I was in the crowd.

After college, I married a man who was a sports fanatic.  So, of course, we went to all sorts of sporting events, and I was often in crowds.  The crowds energized my then husband.  They sucked the life out of me.

It took me many years to acknowledge that I simply don’t enjoy being in crowds.  And it took even longer than that for me to find out why.

My first hint came when I read someplace about people who are empathic.  I discovered that some people have a heightened ability to sense energy in other people. Such empathic people are often overwhelmed in large crowds because the energy overflow is too much.

My second clue came from a conversation with an intuitive coach, who told me that my energy field was wide open.  She asked me if I tended to be aware of others’ energy, and I said I did.  I react strongly and emotionally to people—negatively or positively, depending on their energy.  Sometimes I find myself wanting to get far away from seemingly nice people, and I am drawn to people that on the surface aren’t all that appealing.

This kind of energy awareness is becoming more common that it used to be, in many people.  And it makes sense.  All energy is connected.  We may feel separate from others, but we’re not.

So what can you do to take care of your energy, to keep it “clean” and positive when you’re in a crowd of people or in the presence of even just one person with a powerfully negative vibe? Well, since my mom and step-dad, bless them, are two such people, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to experiment with ways to take care of my own energy.

Notice that I said “take care of my own energy.”  I used to think I needed to “protect” my energy.  And one of the first techniques I learned was creating an “invisible shield” of energy around me.

When I began to learn about law of attraction, though, I realized that anything that pushes away negative energy is a form of resistance.  And any resistance makes the situation worse, not better.

Take Care Of Your Own Energy

If you’ve experienced energy drains similar to what I’ve described, try these strategies:

1.  Say “This Isn’t Mine”

If you’re ever feeling great and suddenly feel sad for no apparent reason, it’s possible you’ve blundered into someone else’s negative energy.  It’s also possible you have some subconscious thought going that’s at odds with your source energy.

Either way, a great technique for sending this negativity on its way is simply saying, out loud if you can, “This isn’t mine.”

The phrase, “This isn’t mine” has two meanings.  First, it can mean that if the energy is someone else’s, you don’t need to take it on.  Second, it can mean that the energy isn’t aligned with the YOU of you—the nonphysical, source energy aspect of you.  In this case, “mine” stands for your truth.  And your truth is always focused on what’s right in your world, not what’s wrong.  So if you’re thinking something negative, even unconsciously, it’s not truly yours.

The power in this simple phrase is amazing.  It acts as a reminder phrase to, borrowing Abraham-Hicks’ imagery, get your nose back in your own pie instead of poking it in someone else’s pie (energy).

2.  Walk Away

Sometimes, the only way to effectively pull your energy from negative energy is to create some distance between you and the negativity.  So if you’re in a group of people and you suddenly feel enervated, walk away.

When I have to be in crowds, and I begin feeling the effect, I escape to the ladies’ room for a few minutes.  A deep breath or two in the privacy of a stall can diminish the effects of others’ negative energy.

3.  Get In The Dance

Energy is always in motion.  You can’t cut yourself off from others’ energy even if you try.  That’s why I’ve found envisioning protective shields to be ineffective.

What works better for me is to visualize engaging the energy around me in a dance.  Here’s how you do this:

Imagine a sphere of energy surrounding your body.  It’s fluid.  It flows into and back out of all the energy around you.  Now choose some image that represents dancing to you.  I, for example, have a whole troupe of dancing teddy bears.  They’re sparkling, fuzzy little energy critters that leap and spin and boogie all around me.  I see them engaging the negative energy near me in a happy dance that transforms the negative energy into positive energy.

I’ve found that this simple visualization has a profound impact on how I feel when I’m with negative people.  First, it makes me smile so I’m able to stay more connected to my own positive vibe.

Second, it actually has an impact on the energy of those around me.  I’ve watched my parents shift from grumbling and complaining to laughing while I sit there and “watch” my teddy bears dance with my parents’ energy.  My positive intention to shift a negative energy flow to a positive one effects their vibration.

4.  Master Centering

The better you get at staying centered in general, the less others’ energy will affect you.  Here are three ways to become more centered at all times:

–Practice meditation regularly. You can make keeping your vibration positive an unconscious process if you have a daily meditation practice.   Having a positive vibrations simply becomes a way of being.

–Do regular deep breathing. Some form of deep breathing done daily has the same effect as meditation, and it can be done anywhere, in any situation.

–Activate centering energy points on the body. Two that are easy to use are the forehead energy points.  These points are on your forehead above your eyes.  Place your thumbs against your hairline near your eyes and your fingertips on your forehead above your eyes.  Hold for a minute or so.  If you’re feeling anxious, press your fingertips into the skin of your forehead and then pull your fingers apart, stretching the skin of your forehead away from the center.  This is amazingly calming.

Your energy is your life force.  It’s your greatest asset.  Neglecting it leads to splats.

Trust me—I can attest to that.  During the years in which I created my biggest splats, I neglected using these techniques that I know work so well.

How about you?  What have you noticed about your energy levels around other people? Have you discovered techniques to help you deal with energy drainers?

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4 Responses to “Four Steps To Optimal Care Of Your Energy”

  1. Angela Artemis
    February 25th, 2011 @ 4:28 pm

    This was a fabulous article. I really enjoyed it. I have the same “problem.” I prefer small intimate groups over crowds. I would also add it depends on the group. If I were at a sporting event I’d probably want to leave rather quickly. I can’t take all that raw energy. If I were at a poetry reading in a crowded club I’d want to stay.
    Angela Artemis recently posted..Take Control of Your Manifesting GenieMy ComLuv Profile

  2. Ande

    February 25th, 2011 @ 6:06 pm

    Thanks, Angela! Yes, I think the nature of the crowd does play a role. I have been in large crowds, like at a wedding, where the energy was uplifting.

  3. JenP
    March 13th, 2011 @ 4:19 am

    Thanks Angela!
    I don’t like big crowds at football matches or noisy parties either….it seemed to take me ages to realise that just because other people like those things, I THINK I should like them so I go along even when I don’t. I’ve now stopped and go along to things I know that I like.
    I’ve never thought of it in terms of energy before but it makes sense!
    JenP recently posted..My Silent Retreat Part 2My ComLuv Profile

  4. Ande

    March 13th, 2011 @ 7:22 pm

    Hi Jen! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with how you think about crowds. I can completely relate. I forced myself to “enjoy” big crowd events for years before I finally accepted that it’s not something I enjoy. Since then, I’ve studied energy enough to understand what’s going on. I’m glad you’ve started honoring your truth! :)

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