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The Healing Codes: Energy Healing That Works

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healing codes valentina powers 300x220 The Healing Codes:  Energy Healing That WorksI have studied and used various methods of energy healing for nearly twenty years.  Some methods work.  Some don’t.  The Healing Codes are a method that works.

The Healing Codes can literally reprogram your body’s energy at the cellular level.  If you want to get up from physical and mental health splats, having this energy healing technique in your “tool bag” is a must.

Did you know that 95 percent of all disease is caused by stress in the body?  When I say stress, I’m not talking about conscious stress, that feeling of being crazy out of control and on edge.  I’m talking about unconscious stress—the stress that’s in your cells, stress you’re not even aware of on a conscious level.

Basically, The Healing Codes are a method of removing unconscious stress from the body. The creators of The Healing Codes discovered that when you remove the stress, you remove the disease.

It’s more complicated than that, obviously. But the method itself is simple and incredibly powerful.

The Healing Codes have been a huge help to me and to my husband, Tim.  They also helped our elderly dog Muggins before she passed away at the age of 17 last year (12-14 years is the average age for her breed).

Energy Healing At Home

The Healing Codes have created

–Seventy-five percent improvement in my skin break-outs

–Complete relief of Tim’s migraine-like headaches

–The end to Tim’s occasional chest pains—they’re gone, and his heart is healthy

–The complete healing of my dog, Muggins’ torn anterior cruciate ligament. The vet said her knee might not heal without surgery, and if it did, it could take months. A week of using The Healing Codes on Muggins, and her knee was back to normal.

–Healing of my torn rotator cuff

–Lowering both Tim’s and my blood pressure

–Quick recovery from two surgeries following my accident

These are just a few things Tim and I have noticed in our health since we began using the codes.

Dr. Alex Loyd’s business partner, Dr. Ben Johnson, had Lou Gehrig’s disease before he used The Healing Codes. This is an incurable, fatal disease. Today, he’s free of the disease.

A warning—The Healing Codes aren’t cheap.  But I can tell you that what we’ve saved in medical and vet bills because of using the codes has more than paid for the codes.  I think of The Healing Codes as a form of health insurance.

I highly recommend you take a little time and find out more about the healing codes.  To get more information about The Healing Codes, click here.

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