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Cynthia Stafford Knows How To Win The Lottery

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Cynthia Stafford was a single mother raising five kids.  Her life wasn’t what she wanted it to be, but she knew she could change it because she understood the power of her mind.

Stafford’s favorite author on that subject was Divine Science minister, Joseph Murphy.  Murphy teaches self-healing and manifestation through the power of visualization and focused thought and feeling.  Stafford followed Murphy’s teachings.

She decided she wanted to win $112 million.  Per Murphy’s advice, she wrote the figure “$112 million” over and over.  She meditated on it.  She imagined how excited she would be once the money finally came into her life.

Four months of obsessive focus later, she stopped and let go. “Once you’re in the flow of the energy,” she says, “it’s going to happen.”  In May 2007, Stafford won $112 million in California’s Megamillions lottery.

This is a true story.

How To Win A Lottery

I haven’t read Dr. Murphy’s books, but from quotes I’ve seen, his ideas are similar to those of Abraham-Hicks and many other mind-power writers.  Dr. Murphy says the healing presence of God is within each of us and with focused direction, it can heal the mind, body, and life situations of “all disease and impediments.”

Here are his three steps to tapping into this energy:

1.     Don’t be afraid of “the manifest condition,” i.e., the way your life is now.  You must accept what is.

2.     Realize all current conditions are only the product of past thinking.  Affirm that you have the power to create something new starting now.

3.     Celebrate the power of God (or nonphysical energy) that lies within you, i.e. own that power.

Dr. Murphy says, “Live in the embodiment of your desire, and your thought and feeling will soon be made manifest.”  Author, Neville Goddard has a similar message.  He says you must have the feeling of the wish fulfilled.  You have to think FROM it instead of OF it.

Abraham says you have to feel as if you have the thing that you want to have.  You must be it before you can become it or have it.  Since we want what we want because it will make us happy, we must be happy now if we want to get what we want.

Do you see a theme?

You have to feel like a lottery winner before you become a lottery winner.  That’s what Cynthia Stafford did.

Stafford is proof that odds don’t mean anything.  Your intention is what matters.

Did you notice how specific her intention was?  She chose an exact number.  I recommend you do that.  It helps you more easily get into the identity of having your win.  When you pick your number, be sure you consider the tax bite.  You can use a federal tax calculator to help with that.  Visit this page, and scroll down about eight inches or so.  You can put in your filing status and a specific amount of money and it will approximate the taxes you’ll owe on it.  Be sure you check out your state taxes too.

Once you have a clear focus on how much money you want, you’ve set your intention. And once you set your intention, you can follow that with inspired action.

Using An Inspired Strategy

I have been investigating lottery systems, and one that came highly recommended was created by an Oklahoma mathematics professor who knew the power of his  mind and the power of numbers.  He began tracking winning lottery numbers, and he came up with a strategy for picking them.

lotto black book Cynthia Stafford Knows How To Win The LotteryHe used his system to win not one, but five lotteries.  After some ups and downs with the aftermath of his wins, he decided to share his system with others, and he wrote The Lottery Black Book.

His e-book sets out the system he used to win so many times, and several people have recommended his book to me.  I got a copy of it, and reviewed it, and I’m just not as impressed with it as I’d like to be.  His system may be as effective as people say it is, but the e-book itself is poorly written in a dense prose style that’s difficult to understand.  If you want to try it out, you’re welcome to do so.  Hundreds of people are happy with it.  But be ready to work hard to understand the contents.

Silver lotto system box Cynthia Stafford Knows How To Win The LotteryA more easily accessible and equally popular system is the Silver Lotto System.  Ken Silver, the creator, is a pretty impressive guy.  He’s been teaching lottery systems for a long time, and has literally thousands of happy, successful followers.  He has this rather silly and annoying quiz pop-up on his sales page, but once you get past that, scroll down and you can sign up for his free newsletter, which has some useful tips.

More Evidence Of The Irrelevance Of Odds

Ever heard of Seguro Ndabene?  Ndabene is a man who has won FIVE Canadian lotteries.

He has won: $1 million in the Western 6/49 in 2004; $100,000 in the Super 7 Extra in Calgary in 2006; $1 million and $50,000 in the Western 6/49 in Airdrie, Alta., in 2008; and $17 million in January 2009 (apparently this last one was disputed but finally settled).

Five lotteries!!

If you google Seguro, you’ll see him described as the luckiest man around.  But he’s not lucky.  He’s aligned with lottery jackpots.  So are the authors of The Lottery Black Book and the Silver Lotto System.

You can align yourself too.

My husband, Tim, hasn’t won the kind of money (yet) that Seguro and Cynthia have won, but he does consistently win $20 to $40 every week, sometimes more.  He checked out the  The Lottery Black Book and wasn’t able to get past the difficult-to-follow writing.  He’s starting to use the  Silver Lotto System now.

Lottery banner Cynthia Stafford Knows How To Win The Lottery

Just think … use the power of your mind and the power of mathematical strategy, and you could be the next Cynthia Stafford!

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